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Warning: Evaluation process will not begin if submissions do not meet the requirements. Authors will not be notified in any mistake or incomplete their submission have. So carefully review and provide submission requirements and templates in order to begin following deadlines.

IJHS is an online journal. Accepted articles will be immediately published in current issue without waiting next issue.

However, please expect -it's not guaranteed- following approximately evaluation weeks for a submission that depends on academics' busy time. Authors should contact with Section Editors to increase or decrease the time, in any case of failing to meet these periods. 

  1. First review by Section Editor: 1 week (from submission meets the requirements)
  2. Evaluation by Author (if any required by Section Editor): 1 week
  3. Assigning to one subject Reviewer and one field Reviewer by Section Editor: 1 week
  4. Reviewing by Reviewers: 4 weeks
  5. Evaluation by Author (if any required by Reviewers): 1week
  6. Decision by Editor and Section Editors (accept, revision, resubmit or reject): 1 week
  7. Proof reading, layout and publishing: 1 week

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